Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Major Site Overhaul Immiment!

I've decided that, since it's almost the 1st "birthday" of it is time for the site to get a bit of a facelift...

In fact, there are actually there are three major issues that I wish to address.

The first issue involves the general flow and readability of each of the major pages, with each major page to become basically a kind of overview with natural in context links to more detailed information and reviews (as it stands, heaps of stuff is "buried"!).

The second issue involves historical accuracy and comparisons to the original swords most modern affordable replicas are based upon. Originally, I wasn't going to concern myself too much with historical accuracy - but the bigger SBG has become, the more I feel it is neccessary to at least provide some reference points and compare the modern reproductions and contemporary replicas to the originals...

But the third development is perhaps the most exciting of all...

The third development is concerning price - namely, for every sword that I review or highlight I will actively hunt out the VERY BEST PLACE to buy it for the absolute cheapest price online (from a list of only the best, established sword sellers). I will also be working with some of the big guys to provide my visitors with deep discounts that far exceed the current best prices on the net!

So in short, within the next 2 months, SBG will be the place to not only get info on the best value for money swords, but to also save big $$$ getting them.

It's all very exciting stuff - and I'll be telling you more about it shortly as well as documenting the changes in a second dedicated blog. So stay tuned!



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