Friday, January 20, 2006

Australia Post Banning International Swords to/from Australia!

First it was the ban on sword possesion in Victoria. Now it seems that Australia post, in their infinite wisdom, has decided to ban the transportation of swords to and from Australia (though domestic shipping is still, at this point, acceptable).


I don't know.

It just doesn't make sense...

Now as you may know, personally I much prefer to ship a few swords at once from the US by UPS rather than reply on Australia post (see my article on this here

But for single sword purchases that used to be sent to USPS (US Mail) it means that the cost of shipping swords from the US has jumped from around $40 to $50 (USD) to USD$150 for UPS!(talk about a price hike!)

To help counter this, I've been talking with a few of my favorite sword sellers and manufacturers and I am trying to arrange to bring in some bulk shipments to Australia to sell/distribute from at prices as close to the original US+Australia Post prices as possible.

Hopefully, this will help redress the balance for the "1 sword at a time" local Aussie sword buyer - while making enough money to cover my costs and help fund the continued and expanding presence of my website (the costs of buying new swords to review + shipping + Voucher give aways + website hosting costs, etc, etc is really starting to get out of hand!!)

Anyway, it might be a few months off before I've got some swords up and ready for sale here, but I'll be doing what I can.

I'll keep you all posted.



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