Saturday, December 10, 2005

Medieval Swords Action Vid

Been a bit "dead" here on the blog I know, but I'll be making up for it...

Just for a bit of fun, I've decided to gather as many of the old "vids" shot with my digicam and upload them to

The old digital camera doesn't have sound, but I've added a cool soundtrack to the the first vid, which is basically footage of my two favorite Gen2 medieval swords - the "Maximilian Sword" and the "Historical Black Prince".

I also recently bought a new one that DOES capture sound but I am having some troubles uploading it to the site (thanks Kodak!) however I'll eventually iron out all the bugs - or failing that - have a nice pic of a "Die Camera Die!" on the members lounge next month! (hehe, just kidding!)

Anyway, the medieval swords vid is here so if you want a bit of a laugh, check it out! It certainly demonstrates first hand just how tough and sharp these swords are!


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