Wednesday, December 21, 2005

International Sword Shipping (for Aussies!)

As many of you know I live in Australia - and since there aren't really any sword sellers in Australia who offer much value for money, I order by swords from the USA (specifically from Arms of Valor, as you already probably know!).

At the moment I am preparing for my next order - and I'll keep you posted on my "shortlist" as I go - but I thought I'd add a few little pointers for those of you outside of the US who wanna order some swords (boy, my American friends sure have it good over there! Shipping isn't a concern, lucky guys!!)

First off, shipping costs.

To ship a single sword from the USA to Australia costs around US$150 for UPS. You can get smaller swords sent by the "mail" for around US$50, but you can't track the order anywhere near as well, you have to worry about custom duties, etc and basically, it's more of a headache than its worth. With UPS, swords come ULTRA fast, in fact the fastest order time has been 3 working days!

Another great thing about ordering sword by UPS is that I've never had ANY hassles with customs, duty, etc - they just come straight to my door :)

(I assume though that it might be a different story in Victoria due to the prohibitive sword laws...)

Miminizing shipping costs

Where it gets interesting is that the cost of sending 1 sword is almost the same as sending up to 4 medium sized swords as UPS charge a single sword at a 30lb weight limit (due to their size). So it makes sense to order more than 1 sword at a time from an economical point of view. If you can't afford to buy several swords at once, go in with some friends!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of these tips with my Aussie readers since getting decent swords here is such a pain in the ass!

In the meantime, I have the fun (and actually quite difficult) task of selecting my next order! It's actually quite difficult as I have to balance my own personal desires with what I think will be helpful to people to review on

More on this in another post!


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