Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year
...And general site news

Happy new year guys! I hope that 2006 will be a prosperous, safe and happy one for you and your families.

Well, the latest edition of the Sword Buyers Digest should have just hit your inboxes and it's a big one. Lots of general site news, announcements, some cool vids and of course the members lounge.

However, I've just made a few site changes that weren't in this issue - notably, you might be wondering where the reviews on the Windlass European sword and the Cold Steel Scottish Broad sword have gone...?

Well, have no fear (?) I've placed both of these under the Medieval Swords category. And of course, this can only mean one thing...

...Yup that's right - I am making space for more content and reviews! I'll tell you more about exactly what's coming up shortly, but suffice it to say, I am pretty excited.

Anyway, I won't harp on - just thought I'd wish you all a very happy and safe new year! Catch up with you all again shortly.

- Paul

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

P.S. - Just in case anyone is ACTUALLY reading my blog (I get hundreds of vistors to a day, but I've got no idea who, if anyone, actually reads this blog!) I've decided to turn on the comments option. I was just getting crap spammy comments before so I turned it off, but on the off chance that there is actually someone, somewhere who stumbles on my blog - feel free to comment, good, bad or indifferent!

(Oh dear, I can almost hear my voice echo!!! Hehehe!)
International Sword Shipping (for Aussies!)

As many of you know I live in Australia - and since there aren't really any sword sellers in Australia who offer much value for money, I order by swords from the USA (specifically from Arms of Valor, as you already probably know!).

At the moment I am preparing for my next order - and I'll keep you posted on my "shortlist" as I go - but I thought I'd add a few little pointers for those of you outside of the US who wanna order some swords (boy, my American friends sure have it good over there! Shipping isn't a concern, lucky guys!!)

First off, shipping costs.

To ship a single sword from the USA to Australia costs around US$150 for UPS. You can get smaller swords sent by the "mail" for around US$50, but you can't track the order anywhere near as well, you have to worry about custom duties, etc and basically, it's more of a headache than its worth. With UPS, swords come ULTRA fast, in fact the fastest order time has been 3 working days!

Another great thing about ordering sword by UPS is that I've never had ANY hassles with customs, duty, etc - they just come straight to my door :)

(I assume though that it might be a different story in Victoria due to the prohibitive sword laws...)

Miminizing shipping costs

Where it gets interesting is that the cost of sending 1 sword is almost the same as sending up to 4 medium sized swords as UPS charge a single sword at a 30lb weight limit (due to their size). So it makes sense to order more than 1 sword at a time from an economical point of view. If you can't afford to buy several swords at once, go in with some friends!

Anyway, I thought I'd share a few of these tips with my Aussie readers since getting decent swords here is such a pain in the ass!

In the meantime, I have the fun (and actually quite difficult) task of selecting my next order! It's actually quite difficult as I have to balance my own personal desires with what I think will be helpful to people to review on

More on this in another post!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Only 4 More Sleeps To Go...

Yup, that's right - only 4 more sleeps before the 15% discount on Gen2 swords from my friends at Arms of Valor is over, gone - kaput!

So If you've been procrastinating on getting some of these cool beater swords my only advice is - DON'T! This kind of discount isn't likely to come around again for quite some time...

All you gotta do is put the initials of my site (SBG) next to your name in their checkout when you order and you'll save a total of 15% - but this offer only lasts until midnight the 19th of December...

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Medieval Swords Action Vid

Been a bit "dead" here on the blog I know, but I'll be making up for it...

Just for a bit of fun, I've decided to gather as many of the old "vids" shot with my digicam and upload them to

The old digital camera doesn't have sound, but I've added a cool soundtrack to the the first vid, which is basically footage of my two favorite Gen2 medieval swords - the "Maximilian Sword" and the "Historical Black Prince".

I also recently bought a new one that DOES capture sound but I am having some troubles uploading it to the site (thanks Kodak!) however I'll eventually iron out all the bugs - or failing that - have a nice pic of a "Die Camera Die!" on the members lounge next month! (hehe, just kidding!)

Anyway, the medieval swords vid is here so if you want a bit of a laugh, check it out! It certainly demonstrates first hand just how tough and sharp these swords are!