Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My new additions to the family...!

No it's not the dog (that's Kimba checking out the new arrivals) but I just got a couple of very nice new additions to my family from Arms of Valor - the Maxamillion sword and the Black Prince by Generation 2 - and I have to say, my first impressions of these babies is more than favorable! :)

The order was only just completed my (Australian) time Friday, and arrived my time Tuesday! Talk about FAST delivery - that's all the way from New Hampshire USA to South Australia in less than 5 days (3 business days and a weekend!) with no customs hassles, no extra duties to pay - just straight to my door, (the way ordering swords would be).

I think that getting new swords for me is about as close to that feeling when I was a kid at Xmas time! I pretty much ripped open the box and proceeded to tear away at the tightly wrapped swords inside, cleaned off the usual waxy gunk that protects them, and had my first look.

I am not going to review these swords in detail here as I'll be saving that for my full review on Sword-Buyers-Guide.com
- but let's just say DAMN! These swords are very tightly made (and both with peened pommels), nicely balanced (especially the Black Prince, which is almost a hand-and-a-half, and can certainly be weilded as one), sharp, springy and well - pretty much spot on the mark!

I just can't wait to put these two babies to the test!! The handling is truly quite remarkable, and when I first gave the Maxamillion a swing I was immediately aware of the damage potential THESE ARE VERY MEAN, EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL SWORDS!

I'll keep you posted as to when the review is up, but boy, just between you and me - I think you'll come to see that these swords are an absolute BARGAIN when you consider that the most expensive is just US$239!! (if you wanna get some of these before my review, just remember to put SBG in brackets next to your name for your 5% discount! That would work out to be $227.05 for the Black Prince and $194.75 for the Maxamillion!)


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