Thursday, November 24, 2005

Generation 2 Christmas Discounts!

Ho Ho Ho! (sorry, that was very corny!)

But this really is great news - from the day after thanksgiving my favorite sword sellers Arms of Valor will be offering a 10% Discount on ALL Generation 2 swords!

Add to this your 5% SBG Discount (which I am sure you guys all know about by now, but if not - just add the initials of my site, SBG, next to your name in brackets and the guys at AoV will adjust the final price in your favour by 5%) and you'll save yourself a whopping 15%!!

If you've visiting you'll have some idea of how cool I think the Generation 2 sword are...

So if you've been thinking to get one but haven't quite got around to it - take advantage of this offer - I am not sure how long this sale is going to last!


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