Friday, November 25, 2005


No - it's not German for "the mouse the"...

Just lived out one of my dreams...

For the last few months my mouse has been playing up and freezing at the most inoppurtune times and I just haven't got around to getting a replacement. It was a pain when it happened as the only way I could get it to work again was to reset the computer... :(

But I put up with it - but today was different...

Because today that damn mouse has pissed me off for the last time!

You see, I was just adding the finishing touches to one of the Free ebooks I am planning to make available to members of my newsletter, the sword buyers digest, when damn thing froze up.

No biggie. After all, I am used to it...

But somehow, after my computer came back from reset limbo and I went back to try and finsish off what I was doing - I was stunned and shocked to find that my document was simply blank. Nothing! Pages and pages of nothing at all...!

I tried quite a few different things to get it back, after all - this ebook was cool and is basically a beginners guide to test cutting, which targets to cut rated from the easiest to the hardest, which targets are suitable for different types of swords, what scratches and what doesn't - and a hell of a lot more. But despite my best attempts it couldn't be recovered. I had to face it, all those long hours and days I had spent typing away like mad had been for nothing...

Naturally enough, after I had managed to calm down (which took a little while I might add!) I went across the road and bought myself another mouse. And planned - my revenge...

Since this evil, nasty little mouse had caused me to lose my ebook on test cutting (and which, unfortunately, will have to wait until the NEXT issue of Sword Buyers Digest to come out) I thought it appropriate for it to become a part of the next issue...

Generation 2 Maxamilian sword versus the Evil Mouse from Hell!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Generation 2 Christmas Discounts!

Ho Ho Ho! (sorry, that was very corny!)

But this really is great news - from the day after thanksgiving my favorite sword sellers Arms of Valor will be offering a 10% Discount on ALL Generation 2 swords!

Add to this your 5% SBG Discount (which I am sure you guys all know about by now, but if not - just add the initials of my site, SBG, next to your name in brackets and the guys at AoV will adjust the final price in your favour by 5%) and you'll save yourself a whopping 15%!!

If you've visiting you'll have some idea of how cool I think the Generation 2 sword are...

So if you've been thinking to get one but haven't quite got around to it - take advantage of this offer - I am not sure how long this sale is going to last!

Saturday, November 12, 2005

Could it be - the best value for money medieval replica sword around??

The new review of my latest two swords in now LIVE on

I've put these swords to the test alright - cut up an army of water filled plastic bottles, slammed them into thick wooden chopping blocks, chopped wooden logs in half and even did a rather grusome display of what they might do to a human arm (that I made with wood and "lamb flaps")...!

Anyway, there's not much point saying too much here other than there is a CLEAR winner which I believe may well be the best VALUE FOR MONEY Medieval sword on the market today - so mosey on over and check out my new review here

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

New Contender for the Affordable Japanese swords market?

If you've ever visited you'll know that I firmly believe that the Paul Chen Hanwei line of entry level Japanese swords such as the Practical Plus Katana and the Practical Katana are the very best value for money deals on the sword market today (note, I don't say "katanas" - plural for Katana is - um, Katana!).

However there is a possible new contender for a low priced yet functional Japanese blade, and as if it wasn't just too much of a coincidence - his name is also Paul Chen!

Check out the review sumbitted by fellow Sword Forum International Forumite JD Daniels here

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

My new additions to the family...!

No it's not the dog (that's Kimba checking out the new arrivals) but I just got a couple of very nice new additions to my family from Arms of Valor - the Maxamillion sword and the Black Prince by Generation 2 - and I have to say, my first impressions of these babies is more than favorable! :)

The order was only just completed my (Australian) time Friday, and arrived my time Tuesday! Talk about FAST delivery - that's all the way from New Hampshire USA to South Australia in less than 5 days (3 business days and a weekend!) with no customs hassles, no extra duties to pay - just straight to my door, (the way ordering swords would be).

I think that getting new swords for me is about as close to that feeling when I was a kid at Xmas time! I pretty much ripped open the box and proceeded to tear away at the tightly wrapped swords inside, cleaned off the usual waxy gunk that protects them, and had my first look.

I am not going to review these swords in detail here as I'll be saving that for my full review on
- but let's just say DAMN! These swords are very tightly made (and both with peened pommels), nicely balanced (especially the Black Prince, which is almost a hand-and-a-half, and can certainly be weilded as one), sharp, springy and well - pretty much spot on the mark!

I just can't wait to put these two babies to the test!! The handling is truly quite remarkable, and when I first gave the Maxamillion a swing I was immediately aware of the damage potential THESE ARE VERY MEAN, EXTREMELY FUNCTIONAL SWORDS!

I'll keep you posted as to when the review is up, but boy, just between you and me - I think you'll come to see that these swords are an absolute BARGAIN when you consider that the most expensive is just US$239!! (if you wanna get some of these before my review, just remember to put SBG in brackets next to your name for your 5% discount! That would work out to be $227.05 for the Black Prince and $194.75 for the Maxamillion!)

Friday, November 04, 2005

Special Discounts for all SBG Readers!

I was chatting with one of the guys from my favorite seller of swords online a few days ago, Arms of Valor and he mentioned that he was happy to give everyone who visits Sword Buyers a 5% discount of the total price of ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for sale on his site!

(Well, I actually mentioned this in my previous post - though I disgusied it under the heading "Happy Halloween". Hehehe! You never know what little gems you'll find hidden in my blog and site...!)

Anyway, needless to say, I was pretty excited by this (coz I get a discount too!:)) and it feels great to promote what I truly believe is quite an exceptional sword seller, especially when there are so many dodgy sword sellers out there who hardly know their stock and are just chasing $$$.

All you need to do to get this discount is basically tell 'em "Sword Buyers" sent you, by putting the initials of my site (SBG) next to your name:

E.g. "Joe Andrew Peter Brian Samuel Peterson the III (SBG)"

And they'll manually deduct 5% off the total cost of your order (if your name is Joe Andrew Peter Brian Samuel Peterson the III!!)

Have a look around - you'll see that this is the very best deal on the net because not only do you save money, but you are dealing with an established (since 1998), customer service orientated and well - extremely honorable - seller of swords.

There will be quite a few more posts about the upcoming newsletter, new reviews (I just bought a couple of very cool Gen2 swords from Arms of Valor today! Drooool!) and a very interesting post and full review of some new Japanese swords that look set to compete head to head with the Hanwei line as low priced yet very functional Katana!

So keep watching! It's so exciting these days I can hardly sleep!!!!! :)