Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Ok, well I know that to some of my friends and readers in the USA it's still not officially Halloween yet (or maybe it is, I get confused with these time zones sometimes!) - but it's the tail end of it here for me down under in Oz (sometimes I think everyday is a bit like Halloween around here, but that's another story! :0)

Anyway, (if you'll pardon the pun) I thought I'd also "disguise" something here a little bit with the innocous Header and skeleton sword guy pic - as I'm pretty excited about something - but at the same time I'd like to let you in on a little secret...

For all my loyal visitors to *** who also visit this blog (and to anyone else who has strayed past here for the first time - hi - you can take advantage of this too if you like) I've just been offered a 5% discount off the total price of any order placed by my readers to the entire fantastic range of swords on offer at Arms of Valor!

This isn't a shameless plug and I can genuinely recommend these guys with pride - mostly because I've bought probably 85% of my fully functional swords from them - and I know for a fact that they are one of the best and most effecient, painless sword sellers to deal with online. Plus with this special discount - it makes them perhaps the cheapest and most attractive place to buy swords online there is - (and if you don't believe me on this, have a good look around and see for yourself!!)

Anyway, getting back to this special deal they are offering my readers - I haven't yet decided exactly how or when I am going to promote this fantastic offer yet...

But for anyone who is reading this, I'm gonna give you the early bird advantage and let you have this discount RIGHT NOW!

All you gotta do to get the discount is enter the secret refferal password in brackets next to your name when you create your order...

And the secret password is (drumroll) (SBG) which stands for (2 guesses) "Sword Buyers Guide". In other words, if your name is "Paul Southren" - where you enter your name to buy their swords in the checkout cart you'd type - "Paul Southren (SBG)" and the 5% discount is yours!

In effect, this means that for the first time anywhere on the web you can get the vast majority of my favorite generation 2 swords FOR UNDER US$200!!

It's pretty exciting stuff - but for now, this discount is just betwen you and me - ok!?

So Have fun - and Happy Halloween! :)


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