Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

Ok, well I know that to some of my friends and readers in the USA it's still not officially Halloween yet (or maybe it is, I get confused with these time zones sometimes!) - but it's the tail end of it here for me down under in Oz (sometimes I think everyday is a bit like Halloween around here, but that's another story! :0)

Anyway, (if you'll pardon the pun) I thought I'd also "disguise" something here a little bit with the innocous Header and skeleton sword guy pic - as I'm pretty excited about something - but at the same time I'd like to let you in on a little secret...

For all my loyal visitors to *** who also visit this blog (and to anyone else who has strayed past here for the first time - hi - you can take advantage of this too if you like) I've just been offered a 5% discount off the total price of any order placed by my readers to the entire fantastic range of swords on offer at Arms of Valor!

This isn't a shameless plug and I can genuinely recommend these guys with pride - mostly because I've bought probably 85% of my fully functional swords from them - and I know for a fact that they are one of the best and most effecient, painless sword sellers to deal with online. Plus with this special discount - it makes them perhaps the cheapest and most attractive place to buy swords online there is - (and if you don't believe me on this, have a good look around and see for yourself!!)

Anyway, getting back to this special deal they are offering my readers - I haven't yet decided exactly how or when I am going to promote this fantastic offer yet...

But for anyone who is reading this, I'm gonna give you the early bird advantage and let you have this discount RIGHT NOW!

All you gotta do to get the discount is enter the secret refferal password in brackets next to your name when you create your order...

And the secret password is (drumroll) (SBG) which stands for (2 guesses) "Sword Buyers Guide". In other words, if your name is "Paul Southren" - where you enter your name to buy their swords in the checkout cart you'd type - "Paul Southren (SBG)" and the 5% discount is yours!

In effect, this means that for the first time anywhere on the web you can get the vast majority of my favorite generation 2 swords FOR UNDER US$200!!

It's pretty exciting stuff - but for now, this discount is just betwen you and me - ok!?

So Have fun - and Happy Halloween! :)

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Now taking Newsletter Subscriptions!

It's been a while between posts I know, but all for good reason - has just officially launched the aptly named ezine/newsletter Sword Buyers Digest

The first bumper edition is due out 1st of December and boy, it's gonna be exciting! It's much more than a way for visitors to keep track of all the new developments and pages added to but it contains information not accessible anywhere else on the site - plus most exciting of all a growing collection of top quality "plain English" ebooks on sword collecting, buying, training techniques and much, much more (that you can't get anywhere else) all 100% FREE!

So sign up now! There are some (unadvertised) bonuses for early bird subscribers too, so it's well worth your while.

P.S. If you got anything that you wanna see in the upcoming edition, don't hesitate to Drop me a line and let me know!

Saturday, October 15, 2005

It's Official: Review Submission is Open!

Yup - if you own any of the swords made by my favorite affordable yet totally functional swords (Windlass Steelcrafts, Generation 2 or Hanwei) that has not been reviewed on, have a few pics of you and your sword and want to review it - the latest addition to
gives you the option.

And the best part?

Just for submitting your honest evaluation with some pics, you automatically get a US$10 Gift Voucher to spend at Reliks Swords and Collectibles.

These vouchers are cumulative - in other words, if you have more than 1 sword made by Windlass, Gen 2 or Hanwei that you want to review - you can put as many $10 vouchers together for one purchase! And with the range of Excellent Windlass swords available from plus the lowest price guarantee and FREE delivery on all orders over US$100 - I hope that you'll find it well worth your time! :-)

Anyway - its up and running - so if you wanna get on the site and get something for your review, check it out here

I look forward to recieving your reviews!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Asian Swords

The section on Asian swords in was just starting to get a little too broad on the old side navigation bar/panel/thingo - so I decided to lump it all together under a new category called (surprisingly) Asian Swords

The main reason I did this way to prepare the way for a few new reviews, etc on Korean swords, Ninja weapons and to find a place for the Zatoichi sword review.

Of course that meant sacrificing one of my most popular pages A Beginners Guide to Buying Authentic Japanese Swords to fit into this new meta-category, but don't panic - it's still there - just slightly deeper in the site.

I will be doing this a little more frequently over the coming weeks and months in an effort to use fewer side bars - as in my opinion, I get turned off by a site with too many choices!

I guess we will see how it goes - after all, nothing is set in concrete on the net now is it!?

Thursday, October 06, 2005

New Featured Review Added
The Halfling Sword By Generation 2

Just finished adding another review to by Daniel Rabenstein, a fellow sword ethusiast and "reader" of the site for his new Halfling sword by Generation 2.

Nice little sword too - check out the new review of these Lord of the Rings swords

Interestingly, on some sword sellers websites this sword is described as the "Elven leaf blade dagger" though at with a blade length of 15" - though by the definition of the respected sword scholar Colonel D.H. Gordon it would have more properly been defined as a dirk...

Anyway, regardless - it's a neat little sword and certainly much more attractive than the purely ornamental "official" versions by United Cutlery, simply due to the fact that like all Gen2 swords - this one is a mean cutter as well...

If you love Tolkein and Lord of the Rings swords - defiently worth a good look.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

Excalibur - The Video??

Just been playing around with Windows Movie Maker for the first time and have chucked a few of my movie clips from the test cutting with the Excalibur.

I have been trying to find my old clips from previous sword tests but as yet to no avail... :,-( Really have no idea where they are now...

Anyway, though It somehow reminds me of a "Nike" ad - check it out for a laugh.

Check out my Excalibur Video Here

This is just a temporary place for it on the net at the moment (much thanks to Kana for her help) and I am not 100% sure if this particular version will be on yet as it was my first go, but it is a taste of things to come anyway...!

P.S. You need to press "PLAY" after it loads - it doesn't start automatically.

P.P.S. It was also interesting to note that when I was cutting the bottle with the Excalibur sword that I also cut off a nice chuck of tree too :-) Something I didn't actually notice at the time...!

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Excalibur and the Yellowpages...

I was about to throw out last years edition of the yellowpages when I decided I had a much better (and destructive) use for it...

Why not test my Excalibur sword on it!!?

I'd heard of something similar being done by the guys at Cold Steel - so I thought there was nothing to lose...

Since I was pretty sure that the impact on my sword would be jarring my blow wasn't at all full power. But I needn't have worried. As you can see, it was a pretty simple matter to cut so deeply into the phonebook I was actually quite shocked by how visciously it cut (see below)

What impressed me the most was how neatly the paper was cut. It was PERFECT - very much like that of a guillotine (and it certainly beats the heck out of those pics of guys cutting a single piece of paper with the edge of a sword! :-))

Of course, after all these tests (many of which I repeated several times) as well as cutting up cardboard boxes, more bits of wood and slamming the blade into the thick tree trunk (in otherwords, some pretty heavy duty sword abuse) the blade was starting to get a few marks here and there. Nothing serious, but it was starting to lose the old "pristine" condition look.

Pretty easy to bring it back to life again though - a once over with a 3M Scotch brite and some WD-40 with a WD-40 wipedown followed by a Hanwei Sword Oiling and the old Excalibur was back as good as new! (In fact, even a bit better than new! I had worn off alot of those pesky grindmarks that I dislike about the Excalibur).

Anyway, I've added the new test to my review on

Though there is still one more abusive test I wanna do...

More on that on another post!